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PDR is a technique in which highly skilled craftsmen work from the inside out using special metal rods and hand tools (using the principles of stress relief) to remove the dents, while preserving the original finish of your vehicle. There is no evidence of distortion to the naked eye after most repairs.

Paintless dent removal is a process that allows us to remove dents, dings, and other body blemishes without the need for paint or body fillers typically used by traditional body shops. This process enables us to restore your vehicle to its original condition at a fraction of conventional body shop repair work or replacement.

Most minor dings and dents can be removed with Paintless Dent Removal. The original paint should not be damaged. A scuff or chip is acceptable. The edges of a panel are sometimes repairable; however, access may be limited. PDR Hail Repair can remove many dents that other companies can't.

Today, Paintless Dent repair is a refined combination of science and skilled craftsmanship. Damaged metal is moved back into shape by hand with other metal and nylon tools. Under the right conditions, a ding or minor dent repaired by a skilled technician is undetectable. However, not every dent is repairable. Some locations, where metal is doubled or stretched, can't be repaired using PDR.

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